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J-trac curtain rail system – wall mounted

  • Durable self harm and suicide resistant curtain rail system for challenging environments
  • No ligature fixation to the rail, curtain runners release at an abnormal load
  • Easy to install, extremely difficult to detach rail parts

A room becomes more attractive with curtains
Offering the possibility to design an interior with curtains not only creates a less institutional environment, it also allows control of daylight – an important factor for autonomy. Curtains also contribute with colour and improved acoustics. The self-harm and suicide resistant curtain rail has a patented and unique design. It is developed to meet challenges in mental health and similar environments to foster a caring, safe and healing environment. (Image of runners & hooks: Wrinkelband hook is a small plastic hook connecting the curtain runner with the curtain wrinkle band.)

Design: HealSafe Interiör

Window with curtains and safe curtain rail

More about this product

The rail’s patented design resists the attachment of a ligature, unlike ordinary rails where the U-shaped profile offers a cavity to fasten a ligature. The robust rail is mounted securely to the wall, which prevents it from detaching and used for self-harm or as a weapon.

The curtain hangs from the rail with specially designed runners/gliders that release when heavier weight is applied. The weight needed for the curtain runners to release is in relationship to the weight of the curtain itself and the number of runners. Tested at RISE/SP in Sweden.

The curtain rail is designed, developed and produced in Sweden by HealSafe Interiör and is offered in three versions: a wall mounted, a ceiling mounted and a 90 degree shower rail.

  • The curtain rail solution consists of three parts: the rail, runners and end stops.
  • Standard colour: White. Other colours are possible on request.
  • Rail and end stops are tightly fixated with security screws to the wall.
  • The mounting instructions are to be followed to ensure correct function.
  • The product is patended

Curtain Rail system example (window, 2 meter width):

• 2 meter curtain rail (wall mounted or ceiling mounted). Exact measure to be set by the buyer.

• 2 end stops (1 left and 1 right)

• 10 gliders (or more in special situations, to be discussed with HealSafe Interior)

• 14 security screws (exact amount to be discussed with HealSafe Interior)

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