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Hook Max5 – ligature resistant

  • Releases at max 5 kg load
  • 360° release
  • Flexible material prevents physical injury

Inspite the hook´s “normalized” design, the unique choice of material combined with specific design details makes it both safe and functional. The variety of colours offers the opportunity for a tailored interior design.

A magenta coloured towel hook with a black and white towel

More about this product

The hook holds the weight of an item of clothing or a towel, but when an extra force is applied it releases. The hook does not break but bends, forcing the ligature to slide off. Releases in all directions, hence it can be placed close to doors etc.

Available in 5 colours: White, Grey, Black, Beige and Magenta. Customized colour on request. (Mounting holes distance are equal to Hook (JT-100 etc).)

Sold in packs of 5 pcs or 50 pcs.

Size: H 52 mm, W 31,5 mm, D 21,5 mm

Design: HealSafe Interiör

  • Load release tests of the Hook Max5 using a string in vertical and horizontal directions releases at max 5 kg.
  • Mount to a flat surface to obtain a tight fit between the hook and the wall to hinder the attachment of a string or similar.
  • Made of PC/ABS (core) and TPU (outer part).
  • Resistant to most detergents and alcohol.
  • Patent pending.
  • Designed and produced in Sweden.
  • The hook´s design and material are chosen to extend the product´s life time. Recycle as hard plastic.

Product video

Designing a safe bathroom

Despite the high-risk environment, we believe bathroom products can be designed with features that reduce risk. Watch our video and learn more about our how our products can play a part in designing a safe bathroom.


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