Healsafe Interior sustainability work

We uphold three core values: Safety, Responsibility, and Sustainability. As a result, sustainability holds a central position within our business, seamlessly integrated into our product development and design process. We constantly question what we have accomplished and how we can further reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • The pursuit of sustainability aligns completely with the Healsafe Interior vision: saving lives and creating healing environments through interior design.
  • We are committed to playing our part in reducing the consumption of the Earth’s resources.
  • Our approach to this work is grounded in realism, measurability, systematicity, and long-term thinking.




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Aligning with UN’s Agenda 2030

Our starting point is the UN’s Agenda 2030, which encompasses 17 global sustainability goals outlined at www.globalamalen.se.

Recognizing that we are at the initial stages, we view sustainability as an ongoing journey. We aim to keep our stakeholders informed about our progress and goals, while also being open to valuable suggestions and advice.

In line with our core values and approach, we have selected five key focus areas:

  • Good health in society

  • Safe products and services

  • Sustainable value chain

  • Circular solutions and sustainable use of resources

  • Equality and diversity

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Good health in our society

Creating the conditions for good care for our patients/clients is central to increasing the long-term chances for good health in our society. A good care environment is important both for the staff and for the patients. Healsafe Interior therefore offers safe and sustainable interior solutions with the goal of contributing to safe and healing environments in the long term.

Safe products and services

Healsafe is a safety company. Suicide attempts and self-harm are unfortunately common in our customers’ environments. Threats and violence occur both against fellow patients and against staff. Healsafe Interior products contribute to increasing safety by reducing the risks of threats, self-harm, suicide attempts and violence. Equally important is that our products withstand harsh treatment and last for a long time without breaking and thus potentially causing damage.

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Sustainable value chain

We choose suppliers and partners who share our approach, values and our Code of Conduct. Our suppliers are mainly located in Sweden to minimize the need for transport. Customers are spread all over the world, and we always suggest transport alternatives with a minimum of resource consumption. We carry out life cycle analyzes (LCA) to demonstrate the sustainability of Healsafe Interior products in comparison with alternative products. Healsafe Interior products contain only non-toxic materials.

Circular solutions and sustainable use of resources

Our products are durable and robust, which results in a long life for the products, which in itself is more sustainable than circulating the product. Healsafe Interior products last a long time but still reach a point where it is no longer possible to repair and they can no longer be used. All our products can then be recycled by reusing the materials and some products can also be recycled for production of new similar products.

Equality and diversity

In our work, we want to contribute to improved and equal conditions for working with mental health.
The basis of our business is to offer an attractive and healing environment for patients, clients and staff. The idea is that as many as possible should be rehabilitated and able to return to a normal life within the society.
Internally in the company, we work systematically to achieve equality and diversity in a good working environment and with good personal development opportunities.

A lifecycle assessment of the Ryno dining chair

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used as a method for analyzing the environmental impact of a dining chair sold by Healsafe Interior throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials (the cradle) to handling the waste (grave).

The result from the study shows that Ryno dining chair has a low carbon footprint in comparison with other similar furniture considering the long life expectancy of Ryno.

Ryno dining chair green