J-Trac Hanger system

Hanging your clothes contributes to increased normality. Small spaces demand smart and safe storage of personal items.

J-trac hanger system enables a safe way to install a hanger system in any wardrobe. No ligature fixation is possible around the hanger rail. A string around a hanger or hangers will release at an abnormal vertical load.

Decorating a wardrobe with secure hangers and hangers is a challenge that many facilities struggle with. Institutions have sometimes developed their own solutions to prevent self-harm and suicide, or have simply removed the ability to hang their clothes. Hanging your clothes, not folding them, is a prerequisite for many garments to stay nice and fresh and gives a good overview. This contributes to increased normality and research points out the importance of being able to keep order and hang your clothes. J-trac clothes hanger can also be combined with our suicide prevention hook, which makes it easy to air your clothes.

J trac