J-trac hanger system, robust

No ligature fixation possibility, a string around a hanger och hangers will release at an abnormal vertical load

  • Self-harm and suicide resistant
  • Durable patented hanger rail with no ligature points
  • Washable

Don´t avoid clothes hangers for safety reasons
We have developed a secure system for hangers and these hangers release from the rail when loaded above secure loads.
 We use the same rail used for curtains. The rail is to be attached to the wardrobe’s “ceiling”.

J-trac hanger system, robust contains 5 hangers, 1 rail and 2 end caps

For detailed information please see the Product data section below

Design: Healsafe Interiör

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Product data


Hangers Color
HS 902 J-trac hanger, light – paper, 5 pcs black/brown
HS 907 J-trac hanger, light, 5 pcs black
JT 903 J-trac hanger, robust, 5 pcs black
Components Color
HS 908 J-trac hanger, disc black
HS 909 J-trac hanger w/o disc, light – paper, 25 pcs black
JHS 910 J-trac hanger w/o disc, light – paper, 100 pcs black
HS 911 J-trac hanger w/o disc, light black
Hanger system Color
HS 900 J-trac hanger system, light – paper blk/brown/white
HS 901 J-trac hanger system, light black/white
HS 905 J-trac hanger system, robust black/white
HS 904 J-trac hanger system, customized

More product info

J-trac hanger, light – paper – Cross layered* cardboard and Polyurethane
J-trac hanger, light – Polyurethane
J-trac hanger, robust – Polyurethane Rail and end stops – Aluminum Disc – Thermoplastic polyurethande, TPU
*Manufacturing method to make corrugated cardboard more durable and stable.

Mount the rail with security screws JT-283. Snap disc open to replace or change hanger. Installation manual will be provided at order or on request.

Rail and J-trac hanger robust and light can be cleaned with alcohol or detergents. J-trac hanger, light – paper can be cleaned wih a dry cloth.

Technical data
1 hanger releases at 3.9 kg load
5 hangers release at 13.6 kg load
Hanger dimensions: width 420 mm, height 200 mm
J-trac hanger system is adapted to wardrobes with a width of 600 mm or less, but can also be adapted for larger widths.
Manufacuted in Sweden. Tested at RISE, Sweden.

J-trac hanger, robust and disc have a very long durability.
J-trac hanger, light, robust and disc are recycled as plastic.
J-trac hanger, light – paper as cardboard. Rail and fittings as metal.

Lead time from order is 2 weeks.

5 years warranty: J-trac hanger system – Rail and end caps.
2 years warranty: J-trac hanger disc, J-trac hanger, robust and J-trac hanger, light. J-trac hanger, light – paper are disposable products and no warranty is applicable.Orders will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. For special orders, delivery times may vary.

For questions, offers or order please contact: info@healsafeinterior.com

Self harm and suicide preventive J-trac hanger, light - paper

J-trac hanger, light – paper (HS 902)
– Replaceable cross layered card board hanger with durable hanger fixation disc.
– Low weight to reduce risk for injuries.

Suicide preventive hanger in black

J-trac hanger, light (HS 907)
– Replaceable durable polyurethane foam hanger with durable hanger fixation disc.
– Low weight to reduce risk for injuries.
– Washable

Suicide preventiv J-trac hanger, robust

J-trac hanger, robust (JT 903)
– One-piece durable and suicide resitant polyurethane hanger.
– Unbreakable
– Washable

End cap, runner, rail and security screw

Rail and endstop

hand that loosens bracket from J-trac hanger, light - paper

J-trac hanger, light – paper with disc

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