J-trac curtain rail system – ceiling mounted

  • Durable self harm and suicide resistant curtain rail system for challenging environments
  • No ligature fixation to the rail, curtain runners release at an abnormal load
  • Easy to install, extremely difficult to detach rail parts

A room becomes more attractive with curtains
Offering the possibility to design an interior with curtains not only creates a less institutional environment, it also allows control of daylight – an important factor for autonomy. Curtains also contribute with colour and improved acoustics. The self-harm and suicide resistant curtain rail has a patented and unique design. It is developed to meet challenges in mental health and similar environments to foster a caring, safe and healing environment. (Image of runners & hooks: Wrinkelband hook is a small plastic hook connecting the curtain runner with the curtain wrinkle band.)

For detailed information please see the Product data section below.
Note: The amount refers to meters (1 = 1m). Please use the notes section during checkout to further specify your request.

Design: Healsafe Interiör

Product data


Sets Color
HSI 255 J-trac ceiling set, 2000 mm white
HSI 256 J-trac wall set, 2000 mm white
JT 242 J-trac ceiling, end caps and runner set white
JT 243 J-trac wall, end caps and runner set white
Rails Color
JT 250 J-trac curtain rail*, ceiling mounted white
JT 251 J-trac curtain rail*, wall mounted white
JT 252 J-trac shower rail, 90°, 1450×1450 mm white
JT 262 J-trac shower rail, 90°, 2000×2000 mm white

*Cut to order or fullength 6.1 m

End caps Color
JT 253 J-trac end cap ceiling, right white
JT 265 J-trac end cap ceiling, left white
JT 254 J-trac end cap wall, right white
JT 264 J-trac end cap wall, left white
JT 241 J-trac two way end cap 90°, ceiling white
JT 240 J-trac two way end cap 90°, wall white
Runners Color
JT 255 J-trac runner, 10 pcs white
JT 258 J-trac runner, 200 pcs white
JT 257 J-trac runner hook, 10 pcs white
JT 260 J-trac runner hook, 200 pcs white
JT 263 J-trac runner L**, 200 pcs white
JT 268 J-trac runner L**, 200 pcs grey
Accessories Color
JT-283 Security screw, 50 mm, countersunk, white, 20 pcs white
JT-284 Security screw, 50 mm, countersunk, white, 100 pcs white
HS 300 Curtain hooks, 1000 pcs frosted
HS 301 Curtain hooks, 100 pcs frosted
HS 302 Eyelet hook, 500 pcs frosted
HS 303 Eyelet hook, 100 pcs frosted

** J-trac runner L should be used solely under special circumstances. Consult Healsafe Interiör before ordering.

More product info

Rail and end cap – Powder coated aluminium
Runners – Plastic

Rail and end stops are tightly fixated with security screws to the wall or ceiling Mount the rails with security screws JT-283. (The mounting instructions are to be followed to ensure correct function.)

All parts have an easy to clean, hygienic surface which can be maintained by wiping over with a dry or damp clean cloth. Spillages should be removed immediately by using either a soft, clean cloth, a sponge dampened with warm soapy water, or a mild household detergent then wiped using a damp clean cloth to remove any remaining soap or detergent, dry using an absorbent paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Technical data
Rail lengths are available up to 6100 mm.
Rail ceiling: D 26 mm, H 24 mm
End cap ceiling: W 71 mm, H 27 mm
Rail wall: D 35 mm, H 58 mm
End cap wall: W 109 mm, H 37 mm
Standard color: White.
Release load: 12 runners bound together release at a maximum load of 4 kg. Appropriate number of runners per curtain is related to curtain size and weight. Please consult with HealSafe representative. The product is patended and tested at RISE/SP in Sweden. Made in Sweden.

The J-trac curtain and shower rail system is extremely robust and durable. The rail and end cap are recycled as metal. Runner is recycled as plastic.

Orders will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. For special orders, delivery times may vary. For questions, offers or order please contact: info@healsafeinterior.com

RAILS AND END CAPS Lifetime warranty – Applies to normal use. Full warranty against manufacturing defects. (Metals are in general hard and can be put through hardening processes. Extruded aluminium (al) is put through such a hardening process. Metal surfaces are usually coated or treated to withstand corrosion or impact. Powder coating gives a smooth and protective surface and is advisable in challenging environments.)

RUNNERS 5 Years – Applies to normal use. Full warranty against manufacturing defects. (Also products which are manufactured in specially selected durable plastics, e.g. PU or POM, may be affected by extreme UV radiation, humidity, temperature, drastic change of temperature and/or humidity, however, not within normal indoor conditions, including bathroom environments. Nevertheless, aging occurs with all plastics, the durable plastics chosen by Healsafe Interior have properties where the aging process is, within normal conditions, very slow compared to many other plastics).

Examples of product usage

Window with curtains and safe curtain rail

Example: Curtain rail system (window 1600 mm), 2800 mm curtain rail, 2 end caps: left and right, 18 (2×9) gliders, 14 security screws

close up runners and safe curtain rail

J-trac curtain rail, wall mounted (JT 251) with J-trac runner (JT 255 or JT 258).

Shower curtain and suicide preventive rail in bathroom

J-trac shower rail 90° (JT 252) with J-trac runner (JT 255 or JT 258).

assorted parts

J-trac curtain rail, ceiling mounted (JT 250) and J-trac shower rail (JT 252) with J-trac end caps ceiling (right, JT 253 and left, JT 265) and J-trac runners (JT 255 or JT 258).

assorted parts2

J-trac curtain rail, wall mounted (JT 251) with J-trac end caps wall (right, JT254 and left, JT 264) and runners (JT 255 or JT 258).

measuring j trac

J-trac runner release at an abnormal load.

rail shower

J-trac shower rail (JT 252) with J-trac end cap ceiling, right (JT 253), J-trac runners (JT 255 or JT 258) and shower curtain.

Close-up of curtain and runner attached to suicide preventive J-trac curtain rail system

J-trac curtain rail, wall mounted (JT 251) with J-trac runners (JT 255 or JT 258).

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