J-trac curtain rail system

– Durable and patented self harm and suicide resistant curtain rail system designed for challenging environments
– Rail parts securely fixed to the ceiling/wall
– No ligature fixation to the rail, curtain runners release at an abnormal load
– 3 versions – wall mounted, ceiling mounted and shower rail

A room becomes more attractive with curtains
Offering the possibility to design an interior with curtains not only creates a less institutional environment, it also allows control of daylight – an important factor for autonomy. Curtains also contribute with color and improved acoustics. The self-harm and suicide resistant curtain rail has a patented and unique design. It is developed to meet challenges in mental health and similar environments to foster a caring, safe, and healing environment.

NEW! J-trac Measuring guide available on J-trac curtain and shower rail product pages. See the Documents & Guides tab on J-trac products.

J trac curtain