Curtain Air

  • Fragrance neutralizing
  • Warmth and colour (11 different colours)
  • Meets high requirements of fire security, hygiene and durability

A room becomes more attractive with curtains
Curtain Air allows control of visibility from outside and reduces odor. Being able to design an interior with curtains provides the opportunity to create less institutional environments. The possibility to control visibility from outside is an important factor for autonomy. These curtains filter light which restricts the visibility.

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Curtains not only contribute to a more caring environment but also have technical characteristics including fragrance neutralizing.
We offer a wide range of colors and structures to enable the design of harmonious environments.

The collection meets the very high care environment demands related to fire protection, hygiene and durability.
 The properties of the fragrance-neutralizing textile are integrated in the fibers which break down odor molecules. The function is permanent and does not vanish or leak when washing the curtains.

  • Can be washed in 60°C
  • Permanent flame protection, even after washing
  • Weight about 160 g/m²
  • 100% polyester



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