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J-trac hanger, robust

No ligature fixation possibility, a string around a hanger och hangers will release at an abnormal vertical load

  • Self-harm and suicide resistant
  • Durable hanger compatible with rail and suicide resistant hook
  • Washable

Don´t avoid clothes hangers for safety reasons
We have developed a secure system for hangers and these hangers release from the rail or the suicide resistant hook when loaded above secure loads.

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More about this product

Sold in 5-pack

Size:  W 390 mm. H 180 mm.

Design: HealSafe Interiör

  • 1 hanger releases at 3.9 kg load, 5 hangers releases at 13,6 kg.
  • Hanger dimensions: width 390 mm, height 170 mm
  • Hanger in polyurethane
  • Hangers can be cleaned with alcohol or detergents
  • Designed and produced in Sweden

A safe interior for a wardrobe is a challenge many facilities have been struggling with. Some have created their own solutions to prevent self-harm and suicide. Nevertheless, in order to achieve a safe environment, the possibility to hang clothes has often been removed in favor of security. But for many garments to look good and keep well it is necessary to hang them. This is most important for anyone, from the aspect of autonomy, to be dressed as you like, and a sense of “normality”.


Safe Interior

Robust and durable interior products


Combining safety and an appealing design

Scandinavian design

Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden