Sovie beds

  • Very robust, water resistant and fire retardant with Kydex coating
  • Reduced-ligature design features
  • One-piece design with safely rounded corners

A uniquely safe and hygienic bed for challenging environments. 2 models available in white or hickory.

Sovie Box – Size: H 470 mm, W 1940 mm, D 970 mm. Weight 120 kg.

Sovie Flare –  Size: H 480 mm, W 1990 mm, D 990 mm. Weight 110 kg

More about this product

The Sovie bed is coated in Kydex – a tough plastic which is commonly found in aircraft interiors. Kydex is an extremely durable finish which withstands impact and is resistant to tough chemical cleaners. Internal support ribs provide extra strength and durability. Sovie’s one-piece mattress platform has no joints or crevices through which liquid can permeate, preserving hygiene and infection control levels.

Kydex coating has flame retardant properties:
Achieves Class A rating (the highest) for ASTM E-84* surface burning characteristics of building materials. Is self-extinguishing in the absence of an external flame.

Kydex remains unaffected by some of the harshest chemicals: 70% Nitric acid, 30% Sulphuric acid, 10% Hydrochloric acid, Ammonia and 3% Hydrogen.

Installation: Beds can be securely fixed to the floor, using infill panels to minimise concealment opportunities when positioned against a wall.


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