Board with hooks Max5 – ligature resistant

  • 360° release at max 5 kg
  • Flexible material prevents physical injury
  • Tight fit to the wall and extremely difficult to detach

The hook Max5 holds the weight of an item of clothing or a towel, but when an extra force is applied it releases. The hook does not break but bends, forcing the ligature to slide off. The hook then regains its function and form. Releases in all directions, hence it can be placed close to doors etc.

Close fit against the wall to reduce the risk of a string or similar to be jammed between the wall and the board. The self-harm and ligature resistant hook is designed with the aim to add colour and design to the care environment, still fulfilling the need for safety.


Product data


Product Hooks Size
HSI 169 Board w hooks Max5 2 hooks 310x90x60 mm
HSI 170 Board w hooks Max5 3 hooks 520x90x60 mm
HSI 171 Board w hooks Max5 4 hooks** 730x90x60 mm
HSI 172 Board w hooks Max5 5 hooks** 930x90x60 mm

Standard version: Hook Max5 in white. Other colors on request. ** Order item. Special: dimensions on request.

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Technical data
Size: See assortment table
Load release tests of the hook using a string in vertical and horizontal directions releases at max 5 kg.

Hook: PC/ABS (core) and TPU (outer part)
Board: Compact laminate (HPL)

The board with hooks is mounted according to mounting instructions, on a flat wall surface to obtain a good connection to the wall and thus prevent the possibility of attaching a string or the like between the wall and the hooks or the board. Board and hooks are mounted with security screws, JT-271.

> Download mounting instructions

Resistant to most detergents and alcohol.

Delivery and Warranty
Orders will be shipped within 2-4 weeks. HSI 171, HSI 172 and special according to offer. 3 years warranty: Applies to ascribed use. Full warranty against manufacturing defects.

The hook and board are designed to have a long lifespan. Recycling: Hook as plastic. Board as combustable.

HSI160 Hook
HSI160 Hook
HSI160 Hook

The hook does not break but bends, forcing the ligature to slide off. The hook retains shape and function.

boards w hooks

From top to bottom:
HSI 169, HSI 170, HSI 171, HSI 172

HSI169 Board w hooks

Detail of Board with hooks Max5 with bevelled edges for increased safety and security.

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