• Hygiene products with health and safety in focus
  • Designed specifically for challenging environment

Sold in packs of 10 pcs.

In many environments with high safety requirements, it is not possible for clients/patients to independently choose hygiene products because institutions must relate to the fact that some hygiene products may constitute a safety risk, and therefore not permitted. Evidence-based Design, EBD, shows that self-determination reduces stress, which can reduce aggression and promote healing. Autonomy has been shown to have a positive impact on well-being and contribute to healing. It is therefore important to create a life and environments with good conditions for self-determination with the help of architecture, interior design and products.

“Toothgel clear fluoride” in clear and flexible packaging. Transparent packaging makes it difficult to hide objects or manipulate the packaging.





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Full content declaration and security datasheet for toothpaste and tooth gel available on request. All of our tubes are made of Ceramis®, a clear material with barrier qualities that ensure the retention of moisture, flavor or fragrance.

All products are specially developed for environments with high safety requirements. In addition to tooth paste, there are also tooth brushes, dental floss brackets, razors, deodorant etc. High quality products with a focus on safety, health and function, and which contribute to increased autonomy.

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Toothgel, clear flouride, 28 gr (10 pcs), Toothpaste flouride, 42 gr (10 pcs)