• Secure and flexible toothbrushes in several models
  • Designed specifically for challenging environments
  • Cannot be broken or sharpened

Sold in packs of 30 pcs. Each toothbrush is individually wrapped in clear packaging.


More about this product

In many environments with high safety requirements, it is not possible for clients/patients to independently choose hygiene products because institutions must relate to the fact that some hygiene products may constitute a safety risk, and therefore not permitted. Evidence-based Design, EBD, shows that self-determination reduces stress, which can reduce aggression and promote healing. Autonomy has been shown to have a positive impact on well-being and contribute to healing. It is therefore important to create a life and environments with good conditions for self-determination with the help of architecture, interior design and products.

All dental and hygiene products are specially developed for environments with high safety requirements. In addition to 5 different toothbrushes with eg soft and bendable shafts, there are also toothpaste, dental floss brackets, razors, deodorant etc. High quality products with a focus on safety, health and function, and which contribute to increased autonomy.

Toothbrush full handle, 16 cm (HSO622) is designed for individuals who are unable to brush effectively with the reduced handle options. Made with flexible plastic, this handle still bend without breaking, providing a safe option with traditional performance.

Toothbrush, 7 cm (HSO623) has a two component design for optimum flexibility. Designed to bend at 90 degrees and return to its original position, the short handle enhances the shank-free design for institutional settings.

Toothbrush, flex, 10 cm (HSO624) is made specifically for use in safety conscious environments. This toothbrush features a two component design and offers a full head. This innovative brush is made with pliable plastic and flexible rubber in the handle therefore, making it difficult to burn down and/or scrape into a shank.

Toothbrush, 10 cm (HSO625) is made specifically for use in the correctional environment, this brush features a two component design and compact head. This innovative brush is made with pliable plastic and flexible rubber in the handle therefore, making it difficult to burn down and/or scarpe into a shank.

Disposable toothbrush, pre-pasted (HSO626) is a security toothbrush with mint toothpaste solution. Designed for high turnover facilities or temporary detention centers.

Product video

Designing a safe bathroom

Despite the high-risk environment, we believe bathroom products can be designed with features that reduce risk. Watch our video and learn more about our how our products can play a part in designing a safe bathroom.


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