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Sound absorbent

  • Safe – frame has sloping edges to reduce the risk of fastening a ligature
  • Unique and durable with a surface providing good hygienic control
  • Possibility to print photo or any pattern

Reducing the noise level in a care environment has a stress-reducing effect, which in turn has a positive effect on the quality of sleep and can reduce aggression and contribute to healing. When extra high demands are placed on the acoustic environment, the good sound-absorbing properties of textiles may not be enough.
HealSafe Interiör has therefore developed a unique, robust, durable and safe sound absorber. In addition to an improved sound environment, the sound absorber also contributes to a visually stimulating environment with the wooden surface’s natural pattern. It is possible to print a photo or any pattern on the surface. See product “Wall art” for choice of nature photos.

Design: HealSafe Interiör

More about this product

Size: H 1280 mm, W 680 mm. Other customized sizes are available.

The product is designed to withstand physical violence and the design prevents it from being detached from the wall. The unique nano-perforation (0,5 mm) prevents attachment of a ligature and makes the surface resistant to liquids and dust which are important aspects in environments with safety and hygiene in focus.

Sound absorption class B (ax 0.85). Fire protection classification A2-s1,d0 and K110/K210.

The sound absorbent can be mounted on the wall (size as above) or in the ceiling (customized size).

Made in Sweden from natural materials.

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Combining safety and an appealing design

Scandinavian design

Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden