Wall art

  • A nature photo selection
  • Printed on wallpaper, poly carbonate or the Sound absorbent
  • Supporting a calm environment

We are happy to cooperate with photographer Anita Campbell and offer a selection of 14 nature photos for patient rooms, living rooms or similar.

Evidence based institutional design endorses the use of nature photos to enable a calm environment.


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  • The photo wallpaper size can be customized.
  • The photo poly carbonate size can be customized. The poly carbonate is mounted tightly to the wall with security screws. It has sloping edges to avoid sharp edges or sharp corners to reduce the risk of fastening a ligature.
  • The chosen photo can be printed on the Sound absorbent in size 1200x600mm.

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Bulrush, Fern, Lyme grass, Calm sea, Pine, Flower meadow, Weatear, Pink sea, Forest road, Wooden pier, Beech forest, Skerry, Foliage, Glade