Sanitary bin, LW

  • The sanitary bin releases from the wall bracket at abnormal vertical load
  • Light weight and relatively soft polypropylene that cannot be made sharp
  • Rounded corners for hygiene and reduced risk of injury

The sanitary bin is designed to take the weight of sanitary waste products but when additional risk force is applied it releases from the bracket. 
For use with a disposable paper bag or similar.
 The design of the wall bracket prevents creating a ligature by preventing the attachment of a string or similar..

Size: W 190 mm, H 350 mm, D 140 mm

Design: HealSafe Interiör

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The wall bracket is flexible and durable and keeps its function after releasing 1000 cycles, tested by SP/RISE.
The wall bracket (included) is mounted with security screws.
Detachable for cleaning.
Designed and produced in Sweden


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