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Toilet paper holder

• The paper holder releases from the wall bracket at abnormal load
• Highly flexible material, the paper holder can’t be broken and sharpened
• Soft corners for reduced risk of injury

Designed in order to communicate simplicity and clarity in its form and function. The design of the wall bracket prevents creating a ligature by preventing the attachment of a string or similar. The sloping edges and bendable holders force the ligature to slide off.

Design: HealSafe Interiör

More about this product

Designed in collaboration with Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri, Denmark.

The toilet paper holder is used at psychiatric hospitals and environments of risk in several countries.

Size: W 160 mm, H 150 mm, D 20 mm.

The wall bracket is flexible and durable and keeps its function after releasing 1000 cycles, tested by SP/RISE.

The wall bracket (included) is mounted with security screws.

Detachable for cleaning.

Designed and produced in Sweden

Product video

Designing a safe bathroom

Despite the high-risk environment, we believe bathroom products can be designed with features that reduce risk. Watch our video and learn more about our how our products can play a part in designing a safe bathroom.


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Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden