Hook Standard

  • Impact resistant hook with normalized design
  • Releases at max 10 kg vertical downward load
  • Easy to install. Tight fit to the wall

Hook Standard is intended for environments where there is a risk for violence and where a flexible, impact resistant hook (but not hard as a metal) hook can prevent injury. The Hook Standard can withstand the weight of several garments or towels. When a weight exceeding 10 kg is applied in a downward direction, the hook bends and a string, a strap or similar then slips off the hook, which thereafter regains it shape. Hook Standard is however primarily not intended to be used as a suicide prevention hook. For such needs, we recommend Hook Max5 or Hook Max10.

Design: Healsafe Interiör


Product data


Product Color
JT 100 Hook white
JT 101 Hook black
JT 102 Hook red
JT 103 Hook grey
JT 104 Hook blue
JT 110 Hook customized*

*Customized colour on request.

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Technical data
Size: H 65 mm, W 20 mm, D 35 mm
Vertical load tests on the hook with a 1 mm string, a shoelace 8 x 1 mm or a rope made from cotton sheets released at between 8.5 to 9.8 kg.
Tested at RISE/SP to withstand 1000 releases, still retaining its shape and function. Patented.
Designed and produced in Sweden.


Hooks are mounted on a flat wall surface to obtain a tight fit to the wall and thus prevent the possibility of attaching a string or the like between the wall and the hook.

> Download mounting instructions

Hook can be cleaned with, for the material suitable, detergent. Resistant to cleaning agents.

Delivery and Warranty
Orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. For special orders, delivery time may vary.
3 years warranty: Applies to normal use. Full warranty against manufacturing defects.

The hook has a long lifespan.
Recycling as plastic.

hook standard1
hook standard2
hook standard3

The hook does not break but bends, forcing the ligature to slide off. The hook retains shape and function.

hooks 5colors

From top left to bottom right:
JT 100, JT 101, JT 102, JT 103, JT 104

Suicide preventive hook with towel

Hook Standard Black

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Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden