Hook Standard

  • Impact resistant hook with normalized design
  • Releases at max 10 kg vertical downward load
  • Easy to install. Tight fit to the wall

Hook Standard is intended for environments where there is a risk for violence and where a flexible, impact resistant hook (but not hard as a metal) hook can prevent injury. The Hook Standard can withstand the weight of several garments or towels. When a weight exceeding 10 kg is applied in a downward direction, the hook bends and a string, a strap or similar then slips off the hook, which thereafter regains it shape. Hook Standard is however primarily not intended to be used as a suicide prevention hook. For such needs, we recommend Hook Max5 or Hook Max10.

Design: HealSafe Interiör



The hook can be mounted directly to the wall or alternatively ordered on a board of extremely robust high-pressure laminate, see Board with hooks.

  • No sharp edges or loose parts, mounted with security screws
  • Sloped edges to prevent attachment of a string or similar to create a ligature
  • Tested at RISE/SP to withstand 1000 releases, still retaining its shape and function.
  • Resistant to cleaning agents
  • Patented
  • Designed and produced in Sweden

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