”The basic compass and concepts for us at HealSafe Interiör are the 3 concepts: SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE. Three values that are fundamental to our entire business.”

This is our 9th concept – RESPONSIBLE – in our series of a total of 10 concepts that we highlight during our 10th anniversary.



The basic compass and concepts for us at HealSafe Interiör are the 3 concepts: SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE. Three values that are fundamental to our entire business.


Below are some examples of what we mean by being responsible in our actions:

Patients and clients

The basis of our entire operation is to take our share of the responsibility when it comes to offering as good, caring and healing environment as possible for patients, clients and staff in detention centers, prisons, psychiatric clinics etc.

The goal for patients and clients to be healed and rehabilitated to be able to return to a life where they can take care for themselves. It must be taken into account that several of these people may have self-harming behavior and that some may sometimes become violent.

According to research in the field of Evidence-based design, there is no contradiction between healing and an attractive environment. On the contrary, an attractive environment can facilitate rehabilitation and healing. A prerequisite is, of course, that patients and clients are treated with respect, in a professional and responsible manner.


The staff in detention centers, prisons, care facilities work with vulnerable people who need treatment and care in order to be rehabilitated and return to a normal life in society. Working in these environments can be challenging. The staff must be well trained and experienced in order to properly meet, treat and care for patients and clients. In this work, it is of the utmost importance that the staff can feel safe, both in their professional role and in their work environment.

Within HealSafe Interiör, we try to practice what we preach and our ambition is to live up to a responsible behavior in relation to our employees. We want to offer a work environment and a way of working that is responsible and that stimulates our employees to take responsibility in relation to both customers, suppliers and colleagues.


Being a relative of a person who is depressed, suicidal or in the worst case scenario, succeeds in taking their own life is of course very difficult. It is a situation which of course has a strong impact on relatives and which no one wants to experience and can lead to further psychological suffering in the immediate family.

HealSafe Interiör does not have direct contact with relatives, but we cooperate with several organizations that offer support. We actively support SPIV (Suicidprevention i Väst), (www.suicidprev.se) and Föreningen Livskämpar, (www.foreningenlivskampar.se). SPIV is an organization that offers training and seminars in the field of psychological lifesaving and suicide prevention. Livskämpar work to increase knowledge and change attitudes regarding psychological lifesaving and sustainable health.

Those who need support can, for example, turn to Mind (www.mind.se), SPES (www.spes.se) or Jourhavande medmänniska (www.jourhavande-medmanniska.se).


Our safety furnishings and furniture have an appealing design in line with our overall concept of providing healing environments. But they are also designed with a focus on saving lives and preventing injuries to patients and staff. We make sure that the products we develop and sell must be produced in a responsible manner, that they last a long time and that they can be recycled. Our products must only contain materials that are approved according to EU standards. We have started a systematic work that will make it possible to recycle our products and for some products to be included in a circular model in order to minimize waste.

At HealSafe Interiör, we take responsibility for our employees but also our customers by trying to provide support in the best possible way. As said – SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE – three values that will permeate our entire business.


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