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Coffee mug

  • Unbreakable, strong handle
  • Durable black coffee mug in flexible special elastomer, TPU (approved for fluids)
  • Dishwasher safe

Basic and recognizable design that contribute to ‘normalized’ table setting in challenging environments. The coffee mug is dishwasher safe and can be used in microwave ovens. However, regarding durability, please read Description below.

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More about this product

Sold in packs of 25 pcs

Size: H 75 mm, W 110 mm, D 80 mm. 28 cl.

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The product is to be seen as “reusable” with a limited life span through its design and choice of risk-reducing material, therefore no warranty is applicable.

Elastomers are highly sensitive to: aging, UV radiation, humidity, temperature, drastic change of temperature and/or humidity. “Reusable” elastomer products are aimed to have a longer life span than ordinary disposable plastic products. Dishwasher and microwave use is accepted, as well as mild detergents. However, we cannot guarantee maximum dishwasher cycles, microwave wattage, freezer or oven settings, since all machines operate differently. Plastics deform and regain form in different extents. Strong detergents, sudden changes in temperature and/or moisture, impact through force or careless handling will affect the product’s life span. “Reusable” elastomer products do lose their strength/properties with time and shall continuously be overseen to not create risk, e.g. becoming brittle, due to above given circumstances and handling.

Please bear in mind that in comparison with ordinary mugs, these mugs might obtain a duller surface with time.


Safe Interior

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Combining safety and an appealing design

Scandinavian design

Designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden