J-trac hanger, light – paper

No ligature fixation possibility, a string around a hanger och hangers will release at an abnormal vertical load.

  • Self harm and suicide prevention, releases from the rail at risk load
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Available with any print

Do not avoid coat hangers for safety reasons

We have developed a self-harm and suicide resistant rail that is to be attached to the ceiling of a wardrobe or to the bottom of a shelf. It is not possible to attach anything to the rail other than J-trac hangers.

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Product data


Hangers Color
HS 902 J-trac hanger, light – paper, 5 pcs black/brown
HS 907 J-trac hanger, light, 5 pcs black
JT 903 J-trac hanger, robust, 5 pcs black
Components Color
HS 908 J-trac hanger, disc black
HS 909 J-trac hanger w/o disc, light – paper, 25 pcs black
JHS 910 J-trac hanger w/o disc, light – paper, 100 pcs black
HS 911 J-trac hanger w/o disc, light black
Hanger system Color
HS 900 J-trac hanger system, light – paper blk/brown/white
HS 901 J-trac hanger system, light black/white
HS 905 J-trac hanger system, robust black/white
HS 904 J-trac hanger system, customized

More product info

J-trac hanger, light – paper – Cross layered* cardboard and Polyurethane
J-trac hanger, light – Polyurethane
J-trac hanger, robust – Polyurethane Rail and end stops – Aluminum Disc – Thermoplastic polyurethande, TPU
*Manufacturing method to make corrugated cardboard more durable and stable.

Mount the rail with security screws JT-283. Snap disc open to replace or change hanger. Installation manual will be provided at order or on request.

Rail and J-trac hanger robust and light can be cleaned with alcohol or detergents. J-trac hanger, light – paper can be cleaned wih a dry cloth.

Technical data
1 hanger releases at 3.9 kg load
5 hangers release at 13.6 kg load
Hanger dimensions: width 420 mm, height 200 mm
J-trac hanger system is adapted to wardrobes with a width of 600 mm or less, but can also be adapted for larger widths.
Manufacuted in Sweden. Tested at RISE, Sweden.

J-trac hanger, robust and disc have a very long durability.
J-trac hanger, light, robust and disc are recycled as plastic.
J-trac hanger, light – paper as cardboard. Rail and fittings as metal.

Lead time from order is 2 weeks.

5 years warranty: J-trac hanger system – Rail and end caps.
2 years warranty: J-trac hanger disc, J-trac hanger, robust and J-trac hanger, light. J-trac hanger, light – paper are disposable products and no warranty is applicable.Orders will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. For special orders, delivery times may vary.

For questions, offers or order please contact: info@healsafeinterior.com

Self harm and suicide preventive J-trac hanger, light - paper

J-trac hanger, light – paper (HS 902)
– Replaceable cross layered card board hanger with durable hanger fixation disc.
– Low weight to reduce risk for injuries.

Suicide preventive hanger in black

J-trac hanger, light (HS 907)
– Replaceable durable polyurethane foam hanger with durable hanger fixation disc.
– Low weight to reduce risk for injuries.
– Washable

Suicide preventiv J-trac hanger, robust

J-trac hanger, robust (JT 903)
– One-piece durable and suicide resitant polyurethane hanger.
– Unbreakable
– Washable

End cap, runner, rail and security screw

Rail and endstop

hand that loosens bracket from J-trac hanger, light - paper

J-trac hanger, light – paper with disc

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