J-trac hanger, light – paper

No ligature fixation possibility, a string around a hanger och hangers will release at an abnormal vertical load.

  • Self harm and suicide prevention, releases from the rail at risk load
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Available with any print

Do not avoid coat hangers for safety reasons

We have developed a self-harm and suicide resistant rail that is to be attached to the ceiling of a wardrobe or to the bottom of a shelf. It is not possible to attach anything to the rail other than J-trac hangers.

J-trac hanger, light – paper consists of a disc in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and a replaceable clothes hanger 2-ply corrugated cardboard. The very low weight of the clothes hanger reduces the risk of injury from impact.

Size: W 420 mm. H 200 mm. Weight: 54 gr

Sold in 5-pack.

Design: HealSafe Interiör

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– 1 hanger releases at 3.9 kg load, 5 hangers releases at 13,6 kg load.

– J-trac hanger dimensions: width 420 mm, height 200 mm

– J-trac  hanger in 2-ply cardboard/TPU

– Interchangeable parts

– Developed and produced in Sweden

Decorating a wardrobe with secure hangers and hangers is a challenge that many facilities struggle with. Institutions have sometimes developed their own solutions to prevent self-harm and suicide, or have simply removed the ability to hang their clothes. Hanging your clothes, not folding them, is a prerequisite for many garments to stay nice and fresh and gives a good overview. This contributes to increased normality and research points out the importance of being able to keep order and hang your clothes. J-trac clothes hanger can also be combined with our suicide prevention hook, which makes it easy to air your clothes.

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J-trac hanger, light- paper (5 pcs), J-trac hanger w/o disc, light – paper (25 pcs), J-trac hanger, disc