Mirror dome – polycarbonate

  • Scratch resistant and unbreakable polycarbonate with minimal distortion
  • Ensures safety
  • Ideal for use in any area that requires wide area surveillance

The half dome is ideal for use in client rooms, day rooms, visitor areas, or any other area that requires wide area surveillance.
Foam inserts to keep the mirror rigid and in shape when force is applied.

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Vacuum metallised coating that gives a bright and sharp reflection.
Anti-ligature steel frame bolts to wall and ceiling, prevents removal. 
High heat resistance (240-degrees). 
The quarter dome should be corner mounted at right angle corners to provide 90° vision.

To be mounted up against a ceiling or wall with any gaps sealed.

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Mirror dome 90°, polycarbonate (H 300 mm, W 300 mm), Mirror dome 180°, polycarbonate (H 300 mm, W 600 mm)