Toilet brush, 5 pcs

  • The shaft can not be broken and thus not made sharp
  • Looks and works like a regular toilet brush
  • Including wall mounted container

Ordinary toilet brushes can be broken and used as a sharp tool. Our design reduces the risk of self-harm or the risk of harming someone else. The flexible brush is made of a special polymer.

The toilet brush container is hung on a wall bracket to facilitate floor cleaning. The wall bracket is flexible and makes ligature fixation impossible.

Size: H 390 mm. W 75 mm. D 90 mm.

Sold in 5-pack.

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The toilet brush is designed to reduce risk of self-harm or risk of hurting anyone else.

There are no sharp or brittle edges, and the material is flexible.

The product consists of brush, a container and a wall bracket.

The wall bracket is flexible and durable and keeps its function after releasing 1000 cycles, tested by SP/RISE.

The wall bracket (included) is mounted with security screws.

Detachable for cleaning.

Designed and produced in Sweden